Midwayville collaborated with Edgeof.co to create a new kind of leadership workshop, Future Champions. We co-created a framework for the experience based on MIT Leadership principles as outlined in Deborah Anconas work.

“We chose the format of a ‘journey’ for this first series of events both to invoke the spirit of discovery and learning, and as an invitation to each participant to see themselves as a hero or heroine of their own stories on the path of realizing their visions and becoming better leaders,” Levkoff said.

This article by Julia Marino gives an in-depth look at the immersive experience.

THE MYSTIC MIDWAY is creating a new techno-magical immersive art space in San Francisco! More details soon... for now please help us fund this work with your tax-deductible donation (fiscal sponsored by Independent Arts & Media):


MYSTIC MIDWAY hosts an important discussion of the Bay Area Arts environment post Ghost Ship fire at THE BATTERY SF.

MIDWAYVILE SECRETS REVEALED at the UX WEEK conference. BEHOLD the talk and slide show detailing how the Mystic Midway put on a wonderful immersive theater event for the Keepers of the UX!

THE MYSTIC MIDWAY is a mixed reality social theater troupe and community of artists, technologists, game designers, performers and cultural visionaries dedicated to creating deeply engaging, entertaining and meaningful social spaces. 

We craft playful experiences that integrate new technology and timeless strategies to engage the creative spirit in everyone.  The Mystic Midway invites you to step deeper into the heart of YOUR story!

We are available to consult, design and perform small and large scale workshops and performances for arts, corporate and community venues.

E-mail scott@mysticmidway.com for private events.