Welcome to the fae family headdress tutorial!!

This headdress represents the abundance and nurturing spirit of the forest and elemental allies. Celebrate your inner fairy spirit and join me creating your new elegant headdress. This process can take a number of hours, so be sure to make sure you can set an area for your pieces to dry.

Some of the materials used in the example are not burning man friendly, namely the glitter accented pieces in the bouquet. Please respect the playa and utilize materials in your headdress that are acceptable per bm regulation.

Securing the pieces if you headdress with e6000 instead of hot glue is more time intensive but more secure on playa.  You can also use hit glue  make initial placement since it dries fast, then encase and reinforce with adequate e6000.


  • Lace ribbon
  • Broad ribbon, long enough to tie around your head as a headband.
  • E6000 glue
  • Feathers (secured per bm regulations)
  • Leather
  • Old earrings
  • Rhinestones / crystals / glass beads
  • Pendant
  • String
  • Twigs
  • Faux flowers
  • Beads
  • Sewing needles / thread
  • hot glue

Depending on how you want to fasten you headdress, you can attach it to a headband, or you can tie it back at the nape of your neck like a head tie. You can also choose to pin it in place with bobby pins and clips. Choose how you want to fasten the finished headpiece before you construct so you can take those extra steps into account.

First you take your arrangements of feathers, earrings, gems, plastic faux flowers and plants, make two bouquets of them for either side of your headdress. They can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. For this I've chosen asymmetrical.
Tie the flowers, feathers, twigs etc together at their base. Then gently dab a big gob of e6000 where they touch and over the string. ( dental floss is pretty good because it grips the items, and also it's wax melts into the glue nice.)  e6000 should be handled with care. You want one left and one right sided bouquets for the side panels.

Once your bouquets have dried, go ahead and put more e6000 over the end of the base, you want it to get every nook and cranny. Place it to dry not resting on a surface, place the bouquets weight on a platform so the gluey end hangs of and dries from all sides.

Sew several layers of lace together to create a elegant strip.

cut leather into 2 oval shaped bases.

-Leather and bouquets -
Glue your bouquets to leather pieces, keep in mind direction and position they will be on headband.
Let dry
Attach additional rhinestones, pendants, old earrings etc.

Use e6000, this glue is playa powerful. Make sure your secures are tough! This glue needs time to set up. Staging these steps will take perhaps a few days to a week depending on your time.

-Headband ribbon -
Take your long broad ribbon.
(Depending if you want to wear this headdress like a headband. If you do, glue your ribbon to headband, then place bouquets.

Holding your ribbon in place as you'd want to wear it, with bobby pins., go ahead and hold up the bouquet to either side if your head where you like how they rest, use a stylus to gently mark where the bouquet is on the ribbon when placed. Place your mark, I like a dot of chalk to mark it.

-Secure to ribbon -
Then take the ribbon off, along with the bouquet, being sure to keep the position orientated correct and forward on your ribbon. Then glue your leather backed bouquet directly to the ribbon. Be sure to give yourself appropriate space at the front edge for your lace later.

Then use thread and thick needle to sew additional secures on the leather and ribbon connection.

- attaching lace to headband ribbon-
Take your laces, use saftey pins or pins to secure the lace along the front edge, sew lace to edge of ribbon.

Many of the items I use in this example are crafty up cycles and trinkets I've kept over the years. Collect your own treasures to furnish your beautiful fae headpiece.
Besides some basic crafting supplies, you won't need to go but any fancy things.  Your headdress will be as unique as you!

-3rd eye crown pendant-
Sew or glue your chosen pendant or shiney to the crown of your headdress. Centered between both bouquets on the ribbon. The further forward off the ribbon the more third eye position the pendant will be. Pin where your pendant looks best. Secure depending on its material.
Always check positions of pieces before securing. Symmetry can be tricky the more complex your headdress gets.

-beaded string-
Bead a string that will hang from your pendant, swooping down below the eyes and back by bouquets. Adjust the length you want before you bead, once done make sure placement is even, then pin in place, then sew.
Make any adjustments with glue as sewing if any parts if the panel need to lay flatter to headband.

Go try on that headdress! But make sure its glue has set first ;)

Thanks for reading this tutorial! May your crafting be filled with magic and alchemy.
Phinn singing off!

Tutorial By Sara Phinn - Huntley.sara at gmail.com