Rave reviews for the Stories of Gold performance at the Edwardian Ball 2016!

"The Museum of Wonders on the top floor plays host to our inner change. All manner of goblin and fairy will ask and remind us what terrible, whimsical, and magical events have made us who we are. The Edwardian Ball is not a costume ball, it is not a performance. It is a metamorphosis of guests and performers alike."


"I will say from a production standpoint that your work was outstandingly put together, very thoroughly thought out, with remarkable attention to detail and presentation. The characters you enlisted really seemed to live the parts and added a wonderful twist to the ambiance of The World's Faire. The Mystic Midway has the ability to completely transform many a space, especially ones where people can see, hear, and experience the mystery inside!"

— Justin Katz, Producer-Creator, EDWARDIAN BALL

"For those who were craving more interaction the fourth floor was the place to be. There at the Mystic Midway Edwardians could collect  “whimsical” or “terrible” dollars by telling performers stories and then spend those dollars on activities such as, getting their fortune told, purchasing trinkets or speaking to a mystical creature."

— Fshnmagazine.com

"What’s also inspired Levkoff is San Francisco’s costume-driven Cosplay culture and events like Burning Man. 'I also love good production value and commitment to craft, narrative and a guest experience...My real passion is to create immersive worlds where everyone can come in costume and participate."


"But the third floor was my favorite of all: the Museum of Wonders. With live music by ever-changing bands, guests were entertained by all kinds of performers: a lady with arms full of feathers that seemed to reach the sky, actors playing out characters that made us do different tasks (like telling magical stories in exchange for currency that could be traded for items at the Trading Post), fortunetellers mystifying wide-eyed patrons and so much more…"


“The Mystic Midway employs classic Circus, Carnival, Sideshow, Medicine Show imagery, narratives and archetypes as means for flirting with possibility and permission. Wonder, curiosity, and a sense of adventure open the doors as guests explore the Midway and its odd characters…”


“The Mystic Midway is a community, a performance troupe, a roving carnival, and a strategy for connecting people in a whimsical, playful and creative way. It’s made up of professional actors, dancers, clowns, mystics, social activists, musicians, costume designers, graphic artists and more…”


"Scott and his Mystic Midway never fail to deliver enchanting, heartfelt and deeply moving experiences at all levels of resource and infrastructure.  He thinks deeply about the experience he creates, engages performers who are able to embody and transmit his vision, and transports participants into endlessly creative, exquisitely moving and inventive alternative worlds."

—  Dana Harrison, Managing Director at Theater Bay Area, General Manager/Executive of Producer Post-Playa Productions

"The organization was very professional, and the costumes were immensely creative. The audience's participation of costume and spirit, seemed as though it was a collaboration with the production itself. The little details, from artistically designed faux money for games, to the performances on stage, finally topped off with the beautiful former Freemason Temple, today called the Regency Ballroom. This venue was the perfect setting which induced an atmosphere that transported us, the audience -- to another time and reality."

— Huffington Post

AuthorScott Levkoff