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Midwayville Pauses Immersive Social Game World

Will Press Start for Next Life Soon


San Francisco, CA - July 3, 2016

Midwayville, San Francisco’s popup carnival game world, is on a short hiatus. We’ll return once we’ve secured the sponsorship needed to continue presenting our highly immersive social game event to the public for affordable ticket prices.

On three Fridays in late June and early July, Midwayville transformed the SoMa StrEat Food Park into a mini theme park, providing evenings of fun-filled, carnival-fueled merriment—complete with DJs, entertainment, and immersive theater. With the Science of Celebration, Midwayville’s creators effect real social change through philanthropic partnerships and community engagement.

The three performances that Midwayville has shared thus far were extraordinarily well-received, both by nearly 1,000 delighted attendees who found the Goldfire  and by the press. Check out a few samples of the events’ press coverage here:

We continue to seek sponsorship for our continuing efforts to raise the Goldfire with social play and deep inquiry. Generous support from Independent Arts and Media gives tax-deductible status to any donations to the Mystic Midway.

One of our ensemble’s favorite games involves helping guests to transform from curious caterpillars into graceful butterflies. If you can help us with our own transformation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to request sponsorship materials or our press kit to

Midwayville, c/o the Mystic Midway
San Francisco, CA



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